Unravelling Commercial Complexity

We go back to first principles to solve complex commercial challenges with empathy and insight.

Our Vision

We believe the commercial function should empower business, not block it

All too often, we find that commercial is perceived as the ‘business prevention’ department, with convoluted processes and operations that are misaligned to the organisations’ key values and objectives.
Our team of trusted experts can help cut through the noise and solve your commercial complications. The key to our approach is to keep it simple.

Operational Efficiency

Freeing time and resources to focus on those things that deliver the highest return to the organisation.

Our Approach

We work from first principles to build solutions on the pillars of good commercial practice


We seek to understand and empathise with our client’s objectives, pressures, hopes and expectations. That’s why we build strong relationships with all of our clients, and do our best to bring a bit of fun to work with us.


We are passionate about technology and have a strong understanding of its commercial pitfalls and risks. Most importantly, we can help you navigate these risks and benefit from the opportunities technology can bring​.


We value strong governance, but layers of extra governance is not the answer to every challenge. We understand how to tailor governance models to deliver the right outcome for your requirement. We bring broad commercial acumen from across the public and private sectors to ensure compliance to all regulations and policies whilst also delivering the right results.


We recognise the benefits that come with collaborating with the right partner on the right commercial terms. Programme delivery is now more than ever a team sport and we will help you build and maintain these relationships on the best commercial terms.

Our Services

Our high-calibre consultants have extensive experience across public and private sectors to meet any commercial challenge you have

Contract management

We approach contract management through the application of a framework using recognised Industry best practice, based on the established methodologies World of Commercial & Contracting, CIPS and the Crown Commercial Services, to ensure that the appropriate activities for the contract at each stage of the lifecycle are carried out. Depending upon the organisation, contract segmentation can be used to tailor this approach to make the most effective use of everyone involved.

We can deliver contract management as a specific work package for interim or short term activities, or as an ongoing service where it’s neither suitable nor practical for in-house capability to take on.

Our simple but effective framework covers the following aspects of contract and commercial management:

  • Performance management
  • Financial management
  • Relationship management
  • Risk management
  • Benefits tracking
  • Contract startup / contract closeout
  • Cross organisational supplier management coordination

Complex transactions

​With significant experience in major technology programmes at pre-procurement, procurement and contract stages we can assist in delivering your objectives.

We understand that while working on complex transactions there are often two jobs, one to manage the specific commercial issue and another to manage or support the management of people. Major programmes naturally have significant governance regimes and a number of interested parties. Recognising this, and working with it rather than against it, is often key in delivering a complex transaction project.

Our capabilities include:

  • Business case development (Cat A, 5 Case, Green Book)
  • Commercial and Procurement Strategies (supply chain architecture, procurement plans, negotiation strategies).
  • Procurement execution
  • Bid development
  • Negotiation
  • Contract ‘reset’ activity / renegotiations
  • Managing claims or disputes
  • Exiting major contracts / moving to a disaggregated commercial model

Efficiency drive

Transformation is the status quo; such is the competitive landscape of operations for most organisations that a continual search for a more effective and efficient business model is a must in order to remain competitive. With our experience of running commercial teams, and managing commercial agreements to drive value from the supply chain, we can support your organisation in achieving better results. Examples of how we can driver this include:

Supply chain visibility. All too often visibility of the supply chain below the first tier is sporadic at best. As a result, it can be difficult to report on the effectiveness of the supply chain in meeting either economic or legislative requirements.

Contract renegotiation. Change is inevitable, and yet often seen as a failing of an original contract. Because of this, contracts are often left far too long without proper review or benchmarking and do not offer the benefits envisaged at the outset.

Process segmentation and outsource. Many if not most organisations still run procurement and commercial teams with contracts ‘divied’ up, with the higher tier contracts lying with more senior people. But does this make sense? Are there not elements of procurement and contract management that can be process driven, relieving your staff to focus on the important stuff, like relationships?

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